My thoughts on Battlefield V (BFV)

My thoughts on Battlefield V (BFV)

If you have been on the internet recently, you will have seen the controversy surrounding the release of Battlefield 5. Despite a large amount of negative publicity and some interesting responses from developers, I think that in general BFV is a decent game and I definitely enjoy playing it. There are plenty of good points to the game but there are also a lot of problems that often leave me frustrated.

I play BFV with my mouse alongside VoiceAttack which gives me the ability to use most commands if a little slower at times.


Setting – The setting of WW2 is always been interesting to me (even if not completely accurate in BF5). I have studied it a lot and its depiction in games is definitely cool. Despite some of the strange aesthetics, the battles do have a sort of epic feel to them. It would be nice to get more maps and theatres but hopefully those will get added in time.

Guns – The guns are nice. It’s great to see more of the British guns in a WW2 game like the Bren gun, and obviously the classic German weapons (mp40, stg44 etc.) have a good feel. The sounds are nice too but I am definitely missing some of the iconic US guns. No Garand in a WW2 game?

Squad system – I quite like the squad system, I haven’t had a problem with it yet. I like giving the orders occasionally, and calling in a V1 was cool and it works consistently for me.


Quick deaths – You die so quickly. I don’t play Battlefield games at a fast pace, I try to play methodically but too much of this game is run forward, die, run forward, die, rinse repeat. This cycle can get tedious very quickly I sometimes I find myself thinking this is not fun at all.

Close-range snipes – Being one-shot from a sniper from 2 feet away is one of my biggest problems but maybe this is just me not being very good, but I feel if I am firing at them I shouldn’t be popped instantly from that close.

Maps – there needs to be some more maps because I think some are terrible, especially if you get some of the imbalanced matchmaking that can occur. Also, some Grand Operations maps feel ridiculously hard to attack and win like Halfaya or Twisted Steel.

Long loading times – the time it takes to get back to the main menu is too long. It takes longer to leave a game than to join one and a two minute black screen to back out of a game is just ridiculous and needs sorting out.

Hard to spot enemies – It can be difficult to spot or even see some players. I have a hard time spotting players and it feels bad when they suddenly kill you from somewhere I should have been able to see them.

Overall, I do like the game and hopefully it will keep getting improved and having more content added for free. There are many more points to talk about beyond the ones I have gone through such as the buggy bipod but I will leave it here for now.

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