What are the most comfortable clothes to wear as someone who sits down all day? This is an important question as it can be tricky to get into some clothes or be comfy in others, especially when your arms and legs are stuck in a relatively rigid position for many hours. I tend to wear bigger trousers that are more comfortable around the waist, but look for ones that are tighter around the lower leg so they are not so baggy. This can be a problem as the bigger waist you go the leg material also greatly increases and massive trousers can look a bit stupid. Joggers and lounge-wear seem to be a good option as you can get pairs that are quite close fitting around the lower legs but are comfy at the waist. I sometimes find clothes shopping in this regard quite hit and miss as I can’t try them on beforehand. Tops are not so bad for me because my shoulders are still flexible enough to get my arms in without pain so most options are open. I find that jackets are more difficult as they don’t stretch far enough for getting both arms in.

Another part to which clothes to choose is how warm they are going to be. I often feel the cold even when I’m outside on a sunny day, but sitting in too many layers feels bulky and sometimes hinders my ability to use the joystick on my wheelchair. Therefore, I normally wear things with long sleeves but not too thick, like jumpers or shirts. One thing I have bought that has been great especially when going out is a poncho. It can be worn over clothes without constricting your arms, is very warm and doesn’t look unsightly or out of place. Clothes like this that are flexible are therefore great options.

If anyone has some good suggestions for comfortable clothing. feel free to comment so others can see them.

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