Community Dentist – UK

This post is about getting access to a dentist. If you suffer from a neuromuscular condition and have trouble getting to a dentist, it is possible to see one in the community. After I had a traumatic experience at the dentist, I did not go again for a long time, around 10 years all told. My family and I were not given information about the community dentist so I wanted to make sure that people know that the service is available from the NHS.

Over the years, we did ask a number of times about what to do with regard to accessing a dentist but we had limited response from health professionals that dealt with me. With hindsight it is easy to say that we should have pushed harder to find out what we could have done, but as often happens as a disabled person you can be made to feel like you are demanding too much or do not want to make a fuss. As I am reliant on other people to brush my teeth, it was worrying not being seen by a dentist to monitor my hygiene.

It is possible to go to a specialist dental hospital where people in wheelchairs can be accommodated, but in my case it was simply a house call. A dentist and an assistant came in, checked my teeth and were finished in about 15 minutes. They prescribed a stronger toothpaste for me to use to make sure my teeth remain in good health. I feel that I should have been seen sooner and had this information sooner but I felt forgotten by the dentist I used to see.