Commonwealth Games 2022

This years Games in Birmingham has been very positive for disability and para-sports. The event has again integrated para-sports into the competition and tallied the medals into a single table. It makes history as the largest para-sports programme with most number of para-sports medals up for grabs. This is a great step for raising the profile of para-athletics and demonstrates that disabled athletes are just as significant in competition. This Games has a record 42 para events, including powerlifting and 3X3 basketball, up significantly from previous meets which displays the growth and acceptance of disability sport.

The added exposure of showing disabled athletes competing is a positive for disability in society more generally. It has been pleasant to see disabled athletes performing alongside fellow able-bodied competitors in front of full stadiums and bigger crowds, rather than a separate competition, giving a more inclusive feel. Integrating the events has felt completely natural and has provided excellent stories such as that of Micky Yule. Hopefully, the positivity created by the Games will continue to drive change and highlight disability on a global scale.

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