Smartphones and accessibility

Using my smartphone on the weekend got me thinking about their accessibility for people with disabilities. It got me thinking how difficult it would be to use my phone without technologies like bluetooth. I have a bluetooth module connected to my wheelchair that allows me to connect the joystick to the phone. This is a great thing for me as it lets me use all of the features as intended which increases my independence. Without options for easier access, disabled people could be unable to benefit from our world of great technology.

With the newest iterations of phones, it seems like accessibility is improving for people who have difficulties in using their arms or hands. The standard accessibility features have increased over time with features such as AssistiveTouch or TalkBack. However, it still feels like more is needed to improve the accessibility of smartphones to everyone, with specific apps made for people with mobility issues. For example, the app I currently use is now unavailable so if I upgrade models I would have to look for an alternative.

I would love to see many more apps created that aim specifically to help people who struggle to use phones in the usual way. But it isn’t just apps that can be prohibitive. The cost of arms, clamps and smartphone holders can be very expensive if you want to attach your phone to a wheelchair in a safe and secure fashion. Some of the accessories can cost hundreds of pounds which will be a limiting factor for people. I currently have a small phone mount that sits on my desk but also a flexible arm from Manfrotto that can attach to my wheelchair for going out.

There are a number of websites that can be useful such as Manfrotto, aacmounts, rammount or merushop, and they sell various mounting options that can help create the best set-up for your device.

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