Chest supports

This post is about having and using a chest support when sitting in a wheelchair. When I sit in my wheelchair I need to have a support across my chest to stop me falling forward because of limited trunk control. I am not very stable when sitting so the strap holds me in place and gives me extra support. This is totally normal to me but I have not always had to wear a chest support.

The first time I was introduced to one was in secondary school and during that time I was completely against even trying it. The support was more akin to a racing car harness seat-belt that goes over your shoulders and clips on your chest but with a zip at the front. In school, I had much better torso control when sitting down and I would also lean down to the desks to write in my books, but the harness prevented me from moving forward at all.

At the time, it felt too restrictive and as a fiercely independent person it just seemed like it would limit my abilities. I also worried about what it would look like and what other kids might think, and it was enough to completely put me off chest supports for a while at least. I think I tried it for about 5 minutes and said ‘this isn’t going to work’. Whether it could have improved my posture or delayed my scoliosis who is to say, but as a younger person it just did not seem or feel in my interest.

Now I am older, I wear an elastic chest strap all the time in my chair and have been doing so for about 5 years now. Having an extra support is definitely a useful thing when it is needed. I see it as a positive thing for me even rather than a negative, even though it was initially something I was worried about. It holds me up which keeps me comfortable, maintains my sitting position and allows me to better use my arms for driving or using a mouse. Also, it is not completely rigid so I still retain some movement.

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