A brief word on Stephen Hawking

Three weeks ago the world lost one of the greatest and most recognisable scientific minds, Professor Stephen Hawking. He contributed enormously to our understanding of the universe and his theories have helped to shape modern scientific thought. Despite having a massively debilitating disease, he refused to stop contributing to the world or working to unlock the secrets of the universe.

I have heard suggestions that the word inspirational is often overused when describing severely disabled people, but I believe it is exceptionally appropriate in the case of Stephen Hawking. In spite of becoming locked in his own body and confined to a wheelchair, he never gave up or shied away from the difficulties of life. Using his great intelligence, wit, tenacity, and determination, he never ceased to reach for and achieve his goals. Furthermore, he proved that disability does not define who you are or what you do, but instead gives you great motivation to always strive for success. It is possible for anyone to achieve success with proper support. Professor Hawking was therefore a brilliant example for what having a disability is like, immensely challenging but not something that stops you from living.

More people need to learn lessons from Stephen Hawking and take heed of the advice that he provided. If more disabled people could be seen and treated by society in the same way he was, it would do much to counter stigmatisation and discrimination, and create greater equality.

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