Dealing with aches and soreness

Duchenne can cause you all sorts of aches and pains which vary a lot from person to person. I have had various problems with aches and pains myself, the main culprits being my legs, hips, back and shoulders. I have also had other problems with pressure which causes soreness, leading to more obscure ailments such as painful heels. Aside from using painkillers, I have found a number of simple (I prefer ingenious) solutions to deal with some of the pains which I think are worth sharing.

One really useful thing I have found to use is pieces of foam to counteract pressure areas. A good example of this was my ear because I can only sleep on one side. My ear was becoming very sore and the skin was threatening to break down, but we solved this using a thin piece of foam with a cut-out, so my ear does not directly contact the pillow. Similarly, when sleeping I put a lot of pressure onto my knuckles and that has been sorted out in similar fashion.

Foam also has other uses. I use a chest support strap that was causing pressure against my ribs and a bit of foam underneath completely counteracts that soreness. Also, I recently had been having a painful ache in my left thigh but that problem was alleviated by placing another bit of foam under my knee. Another way I have found to combat discomfort is using strategically placed pillows and soft materials to prevent skin from becoming red or helping reduce general aches.

Performing some general exercises regularly yourself can be helpful as well. I try to regularly stretch out my legs when lying down and to exercise my fingers or my neck to help maintain movement. It may not seem like much but I have found it to be beneficial in the long-term.

This all sounds straightforward although it seems useful to tell others what has worked in my experience, because sometimes I have found that nobody tells you information before an issue has developed into something worse.

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