As I have mentioned before, Duchenne, and all other disabilities for that matter, come with a massive set of challenges. They are very debilitating and this not only limits what you can do but it also affects how you feel. It is for that reason that I wanted to discuss motivation and the importance of positivity.

I think that being positive and motivated to succeed can enable you to overcome adversity and achieve great things. It sounds like an obvious suggestion but many people struggle mentally with motivation. Thinking positively and seeing the bright side of things can really help to deal with the difficulties of everyday life and spur you on. Losing your ability to walk or being unable to attend certain events can get you down, but focusing on what you can do will drive you on. I think that more people need to be reminded about how strong they are, and told not let what others think negatively impact upon them. The more you push yourself, try hard and enjoy what you’re doing, the more your efforts will be recognised and rewarded.

I have always been a very highly motivated person and that has influenced what I have been able to achieve. I have pushed myself throughout my life, especially academically, and this helped me to get excellent grades and gain two university degrees. I would say that I hate to fail and this has made me strive to be the best I can. I am also fortunate in that I have never really found myself feeling sad because of my disability and I am rarely bored but I believe this comes down to a very positive outlook. I think motivation therefore affects how much you get out of life and your happiness too, and remember to have fun and enjoy yourself as well.

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